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Investors Priority Focus
(as of Third Quarter of 2015. Listed according to priority)

Solar Power
Waste to Energy

Wind Power
Waste to Energy
Hydro Power

Freezer & Cold Storage
Public Market Rehabilitation
Hospital Expansion or Rehabilation


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Business Integration

RPConnect is active in Investment Projects, both international and local market. We manage several evolutionary pattern of proven business-to-business and aggressive corporate strategies which leads to sustainable results.

We have a network of 92 financing sources for Investment Projects (government and Private). We choose project proponents that are only suited for each investor.

RPConnect is chosen by the Investors to process acceptance to their specific working module. We are your bridge to the Investors.

Business Solution

Developing contacts, networking strategies, and business formulas are taught in school, but successful results are born only from experience.

Today, RPConnect has over 19 years of experience in business integration, our experience is our asset and biggest strength.

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